Goat Baby Sweaters

I have to admit the first time I saw a pattern for “goat baby sweaters” on one of my favorite goat sites, Fiasco Farm, I thought to myself, “What is WRONG with people? Making SWEATERS for goats?!” Being in Arizona, with it not getting THAT cold here, and since we make a point to plan for March or later babies, I just couldn’t see the point in wasting my time.

Well, since our herd queen produced one little baby girl, and she isn’t being overly motherly with the youngster, I thought it might be a good thing if I crocheted one up for her. I am really glad I did, because after a record breaking 144 days without rain, it is finally raining and it is VERY cold outside. It is currently 43°F with a windchill factor of 36°F.

I worked on the sweater yesterday, and got it finished by 10pm last night. My gauge was off (I eyeballed the gauge piece — it LOOKED right — I made the majority of it while Kevin was driving, and we were waiting for his turn to take his driver’s license test — I didn’t have a ruler with me), and now in retrospect I realize I put the sweater pieces together backwards. However, since my gauge was off to begin with, if I’d continued on with the pattern the sweater would have been hanging down another four inches off the back of the doeling, so I had to put it together backwards. And even with my mistakes, it looks fine. I ran out of pink and moved on to purple and it looks like I planned it, lol!

I took it out to put on her last night, and this morning when I checked her she was snuggly warm indeed.

I’m sold on baby goat sweaters, and hope to make a few more to have on hand.

"Do you have a bottle for me?"

"Is that really you in there, daughter?"

"Whatcha eatin', Mama?"

"Are you SURE you're my daughter dressed in that?"

"I'm still a little tired from being born on Friday."

"I guess this is fine, as long as I can still clean your bottom." ;-)

Originally written March 11, 2006

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