Rehabbing Wild Bunnies Day 6

Friday, April 16th
11 days old
Tiny is not doing well. He is walking like he is drunk, and he now has the dark urine. It seems to me that he isn’t able to keep his body temperature up, so I carried him in my sports bra for most of the day. He seems to do better after I warm him up. He walks normally, and seems perky. But, I am really having to force the milk into him. I am worried that I am only prolonging his life. His little bottom is raw looking, unfortunately probably due to my wiping him trying to help him urinate. His little belly is dark with urine and wet sometimes. I think he is peeing on his own a bit, but not enough. I am putting vitamin E on his bottom to help it feel better. Tiny has always been the smallest, and he’s really scrawny. But he is still cleaning himself, and kicking and fighting me when I wipe his bottom. I was crying last night because he just doesn’t seem to be doing well.

Even though all their eyes are open, I’m still helping them pee just in case they aren’t going on their own. Actually, Cutie Pie peed all on his own today. I always put a t-shirt on my lap when I feed them, and he squatted right down and peed.

There are 22 days of reports on the bunnies. You are on Day 6, click here to read Day 7.

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