Rehabilitating Wild Bunnies Day 2

Monday, April 12th: The one little bun alongside the fence has a full belly of milk this morning, the other two’s bellies were quite thin. We decided to bring them inside and give them some fresh, raw goat’s milk. We got minute amounts into them — 1cc into each bunny. I don’t think that was enough, but I didn’t want to upset their tummies and I wanted their mom to have a chance to care for them herself. I used plastic gloves and paper towels to touch them so I would put as little of my scent on them as possible. One was quite small, possibly the runt. I got the larger bun to pee by gently wiping its bottom with a warm paper towel, but I couldn’t get Tiny to pee. Their mother usually helps them urinate and defecate by licking their belly and bottom, which stimulates their body to eliminate waste. I put them back into the nest for the day, pulling out the full-tummied bunny, placing his siblings behind him and him in front, hoping he would block them in the area so the mom could find all three of them.

There are 22 days of reports on the bunnies. You are on Day 2, click here to read Day 3

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