E-Book: How to Draw Blood From Your Goats

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We owned goats for almost ten years and learned a lot about caring for goats during those years. From milking to hoof trims, worming and birthing, drawing blood was one of the many things we learned to do on our own.

I wrote How to Draw Blood From Your Goats to help you learn how to do this veterinary task easily and efficiently. Most of my goat owning friends are into doing it yourself in a big way and drawing blood is one of those things you can accomplish on your own without waiting on the vet to stop by. It’s empowering to learn procedures like these, plus you can save yourself money in the process!

Why call out the vet every time you need blood drawn? Wait to make that call for the bigger issues.

My tutorial, Drawing Blood From Your Goats is going to walk you through step-by-step.

Photo Tutorial

Inside you’ll get a photo tutorial, showing you where the vein is located from which you’ll be drawing blood, how to position the needle and how to draw the blood.

Step-by-Steps Instructions

You’ll get instructions to guide you through the process starting with what you need to have on hand before you walk out to begin your blood draws in a neatly categorized list, blood drawing tips, the proper way to package your specimens for shipping, where and when to ship right down to how to prepare the box for shipping.


You’ll get a Master Checklist so that you can check off each item along the way, plus a sample Accession Form, tube labels, identification sheet.

How to Draw Blood From Your Goats will guide you through with easy steps.

Here’s what you find inside:

Contents for How to Draw Blood from Your Goats

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