Red Bag Delivery

A red bag delivery is the term used when a horse or goat’s placenta detaches prematurely (placentia previa). If you see the placenta presenting, you have six minutes to save the life of the life of the foal or kid.

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2008 Kids

Starburst kidded on February 19th, 2008. She was due to kid on Friday the 22nd. My son went out to milk and there were two dried off newborn baby bucklings, walking around and nursing. Another uneventful birth!

Dani and Lightning were bred to the same buck, but did not settle.

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2007 Kids

September 24, 2007. We had not planned to breed this year, but changed our mind when we got our new buck “Elvis” on May 12th. ZoĆ« was bred to him sometime between the end of May and beginning of June. I actually wrote it down, but lost the barn records for those two weeks. UPDATE: … click here to continue reading 2007 Kids

Proper Cleaning For Assisting with a Difficult Birth

March 2005

Veterinary doctor Michele Konnersman provided some guidelines on proper cleaning for the assisting the doe with a difficult kidding is necessary.

Items to have on hand for “going in”:

Betadyne scrub Betadyne solution swabs or Betadyne solution sterile gloves sterile lubrication LA200 12cc syringe sterile water (either in vials or you can make … click here to continue reading Proper Cleaning For Assisting with a Difficult Birth

Goat Kidding Links

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