2008 Kids

Starburst kidded on February 19th, 2008. She was due to kid on Friday the 22nd. My son went out to milk and there were two dried off newborn baby bucklings, walking around and nursing. Another uneventful birth!

Dani and Lightning were bred to the same buck, but did not settle.

We were expecting one of … click here to continue reading 2008 Kids

Goat Baby Sweaters

I have to admit the first time I saw a pattern for “goat baby sweaters” on one of my favorite goat sites, Fiasco Farm, I thought to myself, “What is WRONG with people? Making SWEATERS for goats?!” Being in Arizona, with it not getting THAT cold here, and since we make a point to plan … click here to continue reading Goat Baby Sweaters

Dallas 3rd Kidding – 2006

DOB: 3/10/02 Age: 4 y 1m 3rd Freshening: Gestation 148 days; 1 doeling Due Date: March 11, 2006 Kidded on March 9, 2006 Previous Freshenings: 1st Gestation 150 days; 1 buckling, 1 doeling 2nd Gestation 150 days; 2 bucklings

Sire: N.AZ. Anatolians Keci’s Bambi is a registered American buck SD: Az High Country Spotty is … click here to continue reading Dallas 3rd Kidding – 2006