Moselle’s 1st Kidding – 2006

Sire: AZ Apache Valley Joshaway N001335412 is a Purebred Nubian
SD: Goldthwaite Bailey
SS: Jacobs Pride Peanut

Dam: Moselle is a 75% recorded grade doe
DD: U-Say Ranch Lightning Bolt
DS: Sire: N.AZ. Anatolians Keci’s Bambi is a registered American buck

May 26, 2006

Moselle’s kidding was blessedly uneventful. We went out to milk at 3:30 in the afternoon and she was pushing out a bubble. She had one buckling and one doeling. She did very well with the birth and her kids are doing great. We have retained the doeling and she has been named Little Cocoa.

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