Rehabbing Bunnies Day 168

If you’re here to read about our rehabilitation of a pair of cottontail bunnies you’ve landed at the end of the story. Please click here to start at the beginning. There are 22 days worth of reports, we had such a fun time raising these bunnies! We owe much of the credit to our raw goat’s milk!

September 25, 2004

173 days old

Amazingly, at almost six months of age Bunny Bunny still came for treats when we call. I didn’t get any more pictures of him after this one, but we would still throw treats to him across the fence and he would always run to get them while the other bunnies skittered away. I guess we probably saw him a few more times, but then it started getting cold and he probably found a wife and had some kids and set up housekeeping in a nice warm burrow under the ground.


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