Rehabbing Wild Bunnies Day 49

May 29, 2004
54 days old

Squinty Eyes was always more wary about people and ran off to make his life in the world. But Cutie Pie, who we eventually started to call Bunny Bunny continued to come and visit us.  The property next to us has been empty for all the years we have lived here, and lots of wild cottontail bunnies live next door.

Bunny Bunny loved his carrots, and continued to come when we called “Bunny Bunny” for several more weeks.

There are 22 days of reports about the bunnies. You are at Day 49. We skipped about a week. Click here to read Day 56.

Rehabbing Wild Bunnies Day 27

May 7, 2004
32 days old

The buns are so tiny, but they are old enough to start learning to be on their own. We have prepared a place where they are safe from our dogs, but they can still explore and learn how to be independent bunnies.

The circle below is one of the bunnies.

There are 22 days of reports on the bunnies. You are on Day 27, we skipped nearly a month. Click here to read Day 49.