Dallas’ 2nd Kidding 2005

DOB: 3/10/02 Age: 3 yo 2nd Freshening Previous Freshenings: 1st Gestation 150 days; 1 buckling, 1 doeling

Sire: N.AZ. Anatolians Keci’s Bambi is a registered American buck SD: Az High Country Spotty is a registered American doe SS: Ragels Ziegenhof Keci is a Purebred Nubian

Dam: The U-Say Ranch Dallas is a recorded grade doe … click here to continue reading Dallas’ 2nd Kidding 2005

Lightning’s First Kids 2004

DOB: 4/8/03 Age: 11 months First Freshening

March 15, 2004 Day after Lightning gives birth.

Sire: Pepper is an unregistered blue-eyed silver and black Nigerian Dwarf

Dam: Lightning is a 50% recorded grade doe DD: U-Say Ranch Dallas [DS: AZ Apache Valley Joseph DD: AZ Apache Vales Thelma] DS: Jacobs Pride Peanut [DS: … click here to continue reading Lightning’s First Kids 2004

First Kids Ever 2003

Dallas’ buckling and doeling kids! Born April 8, 2003 at 1:30pm

The buckling is brown, and the doeling is black.

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