Rehabbing Wild Bunnies Day 8

Sunday, April 18, 2004
13 days old
Tiny had passed away this morning when I went to feed the bunnies. Another of the bunnies, Squinty Eyes acts like he isn’t feeling well. I am very distraught, I feel like I’m *killing* them, instead of keeping them alive! I called a phone number for a bunny rehabber from a website. It says to be ready with pen and paper, to take numbers of rehabbers. All along I’ve kept that warning in the back of my mind that in order for a baby bunny to survive, you must take them to a rehabber. But I’ve raised baby kittens that were only a few days old, and I felt confident in my ability to raise these bunnies, so didn’t want to pass them on to someone else, when I knewI could raise them. But I thought maybe I had better get someone else to care for them, maybe there is something else I’m not doing, some secret I don’t know about! So I called the number, and it said press 2 for bunnies, but when I pushed 2 it only took me to a recording that said there were no messages at this time, please check back again. Well, then I didn’t know how else to get hold of anyone, so I decided I would continue to do my best with the bunnies.

Squinty Eyes was acting lethargic, walking like he was drunk and had brown urine again. I was very concerned about him. The other bun, Cutie Pie was gobbling down his milk and getting around just fine. Cutie Pie is peeing on his own all the time.

In retrospect, one thing I did for Squinty Eyes that I don’t know if this had any effect on his getting better or not is that I lowered his bottom half into a cup of warm water, and soaked him for just a few seconds. Up to this point his belly hair was not fluffy and soft, but was peeing on himself and the brown urine was dried onto him. I stopped helping Cutie to pee a couple days ago, but had still been helping Squinty to pee (his bottom also was beginning to look chapped and sore!). Maybe the urine was concentrated on his belly and he was trying to clean himself and ingesting it, but cleaning him off helped?

There are 22 days of reports on the bunnies. You are on Day 8, click here to read Day 9.

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