Red Bag Delivery

A red bag delivery is the term used when a horse or goat’s placenta detaches prematurely (placentia previa).  If you see the placenta presenting, you have six minutes to save the life of the life of the foal or kid.

This is one of the reasons I love being on the Holistic-Goats list.  There is always discussion on things that are happening with people’s goats, and how to take care of the problem.   The list is not very prolific, and I would say 99% of posts are on topic.  I read just about every post that comes through.

Now when the topic of red bag delivery came through, I had never heard of such a thing. I read the resulting posts that came through and did some research.  Now I know if one of our does presents a “red bag” which would be the placenta, we have to act fast to save the life of the kid.  Once the placenta detaches, the blood stops pulsing through to the baby so you must get the kid out quickly! The red bag will contain the inner white bag.  You must cut through the red bag, and then into the inner white bag and pull the kid.

A few days after we were discussing this topic, one of the list members posted a site from another list she is on where some horse owners caught a red bag delivery on video! This is from I AM Ranch Miniature Horses.

Very exciting and very informative!  I cried because it brought back a rush of memories from past birth problems we have had.  Check it out and file it in your memory for future kiddings.

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  1. Painted Sun Miniature Horses is now I AM Ranch, and I am the youngest daughter of the I AM Ranch family 🙂

    This is the new link for the red bag page:

    There is a lot of information, and a “restored” version of that video. (The, which is what you have here, doesn’t work anymore, but it’s reposted on youtube.) That baby is still with us, and is almost 2 years old!!!

    Ironically enough, we have a goat ready to kid, so I was googling dystocia, placenta previa and other info about kidding, and keep on finding our own video! Too funny!!

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