Rehabilitating Wild Bunnies Day 3

Tuesday, April 13th: Today all three bunnies have empty bellies, so at this point we made the decision to bring them inside and take care of them ourselves. It was too risky hoping the mom would care for them.

According to Internet sources, I decided the bunnies were 6 days old on Easter Sunday. When cottontails are born, they are hairless and their eyes are closed. By a week of age they have all their fur, but their eyes do not open until they are 6-10 days old.

It is difficult feeding the buns. We are using a syringe and putting the tip at the side of their mouth and gently pushing on the plunger. We have to be very careful not to get too much milk in their mouth or they could aspirate it. We are also taking much care to make sure we feed them while they are in a upright position — meaning they are on all fours. We have to hold them in our hand, and kind of hold their head in between the thumb and index finger to keep the head still and then press milk into their mouths. They also do not like having their bottoms wiped. They kick their back legs, but finally the urine begins to come out, slowly, drop by drop. I make sure to use a clean paper towel, wet with warm water for each one. At least if I cannot see urine coming out, I can see urine on the paper towel and know they are going potty. This is crucial to their survival. A couple of times it took me at least one full minute of gently wiping to get them to potty.

There are 22 days of reports on the bunnies. You are on Day 3, click here to read Day 4

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