Rehabilitating Wild Bunnies Day 4

Wednesday, April 14th
9 days old
This morning Cutie Pie has his eyes open, and by evening all three have their eyes open. Squinty Eyes has dark urine tonight. This is not a good sign, according to Internet sources. The brown urine is toxic, according to Internet sources. but they don’t indicate what you should do about this. I know that dark urine in humans indicates dehydration, so rehydration is in order. I instructed Kevin to give the bunnies additional feedings tomorrow, and be certain that he wipes their bottoms and gets them to potty. Up to this point we were trying to only feed them twice a day, like the mother would have. Some sources indicate that you must not feed them more than twice a day, and not too much at once because you might bloat them. Other sources said they should be fed every six hours for sixteen hours a day.

There are 22 days of reports on the bunnies. You are on Day 4, click here to read Day 5.

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